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Short Course List

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Code Course Title Description
DH ENGL 2413 E Exploring Literature Fiction, drama/film, and poetry. Written critical exercises.
H ENGL 3333 C Short Story Origins, development, theory, and craft of the short story.
IS GEOG 1113 K Introduction to Cultural Geography A thematic approach to the study of human groups and activities around the world, including agricultural practices, demographic trends, political behavior, religious beliefs, language patterns, popular cultures, urbanization and industrialization.
HHP 2222 A Introduction to Health Aspects of Gerontology Concentrated study of selected areas of health and human performance, including problems in instruction and administration not usually addressed in the undergraduate curriculum.
A MATH 1483 A Mathematical Functions and Their Uses Analysis of functions and their graphs from the viewpoint of rates of change; linear, exponential, logarithmic and other functions.
A MATH 2103 B Business Calculus An introduction to differential and integral calculus.
POLS 1113 H American Government Organization, processes, and functions of the national government of the United States.
S PSYC 1113 F Introductory Psychology Principles, theories, vocabulary, and applications of the science of psychology.

Education Codes: A=Analytical   D=Diversity   H=Humanities   I=International   L=Scientific Investigation   N=Natural Resources   S=Social And Behavioral
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